We take great pride in our work and are constantly challenging ourselves to improve in every area. There is no better feeling, as a production company, than hearing that our client is extremely happy with the product we create. In each new endeavor, we strive to build a relationship with our client which allows us to create some truly wonderful and enjoyable videos. Take a look below at many of our favorites. Hopefully, one day, you will have your own video on this page.


"Washington Leadership Conference"

WLC is the ultimate leadership experience for FFA members. It provides hands-on experiences that help attendees learn how to apply leadership skills to real-life situations. This conferences focuses on personal development, diversity, advocacy and service. There are seven, one-week sessions each summer.

"For The Final Time"

The feeling of putting on the FFA jacket for the last time is always a special moment. It is even more unique if you have the opportunity to serve as a State Officer or National Officer, as your time in the jacket was extended just a little bit more. No matter the timing, however, that moment is always bittersweet. It's bitter because you are concluding an experience unlike any other. It is sweet because, as you wear it for the final time, you reflect on memories created, friendships gained, lessons learned, and competitions that were won or lost; and at that moment you know you are prepared for whatever comes your way because of the time you spent in the incredible organization that is the National FFA. While this video only highlights six individuals who served as CA State FFA Officers, the feelings are probably the same for many. Here is to everyone who has and who will put on the jacket for the final time. Enjoy!

"Amylynn + Tanner"

Amylynn has been a longtime, childhood friend from Japan. We were honored to be a part of her and Tanner's special day in Boerne, Texas. The love these two have for one another is beautiful. It is built on a sturdy foundation of beautiful explorations, thoughtful conversations, and loving families. It was a true privilege to capture their day, and we hope you enjoy watching this video as much as we enjoyed creating it!

"We are CALS"

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) administers the degree programs of the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS). This video was created to showcase the various opportunities that the college has to offer. With outstanding students, excellent teachers, and more than 20 various majors offered, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences is the place for any incoming collegiate student to consider.

"Thank you, Fresno"

From 1993 to 2017, Fresno, CA was the home of the California State FFA Leadership Conference. It was here that thousands of students learned life lessons, competed to win state championships, celebrate successes of one another, and have the best experience a student could ever have at a leadership conference. This video is very dear to one of our employees, as Levy was a member of the California FFA. When we were asked if we would be interested, there was no hesitation. This video has all the nostalgia needed for students of CA FFA.

"Swallowtail Farm's Farm-to-Table"

Swallowtail farm, just north of Gainesville, FL, has always aimed to connect consumers with their food. One of the ways in which they achieve this mission is through a farm-to-table dinner experience. These dinners, which take place once a month, allow consumers to tour the farm, meet local chefs, try local craft beer, and of course learn about where their food comes from as the farm shares its story.

"Tahlia + Chad"

Tahlia and Chad have the type of love for each other that many of us hope to find in our lifetime. We were so grateful to be with them on their special day at a beautiful church camp in Live Oak, FL. This was a wedding unique to us as we worked with Tahlia for a year and a half while in our graduate program together and we always enjoyed conversations with her about their beautiful relationship and all the details that went into their gorgeous wedding day. We hope you enjoy this small glimpse into their lives and truly feel the love they share!

"Tim Lyons' CALS Story"

Tim is a Marine Sciences major, focusing on ornamental and commercial marine aquaculture. He was just awarded the student scholarship from the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (masna.org/) and will be accepting the award in Washington, DC in September. This award is a high honor in this field and Tim will be accepting it along with giving a speech and participating in their annual research conference (macnaconference.org/2015/). Tim completed an Independent Study this past summer with our Restoration Aquaculture faculty specialist in Tampa bay – Tim can give you more details about that experience. Tim plans to continue on to complete his Master’s degree in this field before starting his own marine aquaculture business. He is studying and networking with professionals in this field in the right ways that will keep on a trajectory to success with these goals.

"88th California State FFA Leadership Conference"

How do you describe four epic days of a student leadership conference? You don't. You capture it on video or else it didn't happen. So that is what we did. For four days we followed thousands of students, parents, and teachers as they experienced the 88th annual leadership conference for California FFA. Over the course of four days, students heard from keynote speakers, competed in speaking events, participated in workshops, and visited with collegiate and industry professionals. This conference was so much fun, and we invite you to check out the video to see what you missed.

"Session 2 Highlight Video (89th CA State FFA Leadership Conference)"

So much happens in any given session, or on any given day, at the California State FFA Leadership Conference that our team is tasked each year with creating highlight videos. Here is one of our favorite videos from 2017 conference, played in session 2, that highlighted all of the fun events from session 1. Maybe it will make you a believer in FFA like us.

"Emily Zeilberger's CALS Story"

Emily is a Geomatics major and she is also a CALS Ambassador. She just completed her first internship this summer and has participated in a new series of courses in our Geomatics department using new geospatial technology called Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS, “drones”) for GIS and Image Analysis. This all sounds very technical, and it is, which is why you should talk with someone engaging like Emily to explain how all of these advanced technologies are being used in a variety of ways for us “normal” people (like the GPS in our cars), as well as for military and research applications, such as remote sensing and predicting sea level rise. Emily has won several departmental and other scholarship awards and is also an officer for our Geomatics Student Association.