Should my wedding be filmed?

You have dreamt about it for a lifetime, planned it for months, and then – it’s over in a day. ONLY video can capture, in motion and sound every detail: the vows, your laughter, the speeches, the music. Not capturing the wedding is the biggest regret expressed by brides, grooms, and their family members. Couples and their families are delighted with the ability to relive the day, seeing things they otherwise may have missed. A video is not only an overview of your wedding day, it is also a wonderful way of reliving the magical moments with relatives and friends who were unable to be there.

How much does a wedding film cost?

Like your wedding gown, the caterer, the photographer and your rings, there is a wide range of pricing for a wedding film. It never ceases to amaze us that in the search for a wedding filmmaker, decisions are often made based on price rather than quality or reputation. The adage is very true that you get what you pay for.

Our advice? First look for the filmmaker’s ability to capture this special moment forever, in a way that you will enjoy viewing for the rest of your life. For no matter what size your wedding might be, my experience is that few people remember the details of their wedding day. Indeed, as the years fade into memory, the only reminder will be the images captured on film.

Professional wedding film production can range from $2,000 to $15,000, depending on the amount of coverage and post-production creativity you want. But not all film companies are created equal. In time, most people will forget a poor meal, a boring DJ, an old limo, or slightly faded flowers. But your wedding film is an INVESTMENT, the one keepsake of your cherished day that will transcend the ravages of time.

Why pay a professional, when a friend can do it for free?

When it comes to your wedding, there is only one chance to get it right. Why leave it to friends or relatives who don’t have the training, experience, or equipment that a professional filmmaker has? We have experience with wedding ceremonies, as well as the issues that sometimes accompany them. For us, the opportunity to share in your wedding day is a precious gift. And being given this priceless moment, we will earn the trust of you, your friends, and your family, in the process entering personal relationships with all of you. This relationship might only last several hours, but the results will last forever, in a wedding film you can view and share with loved ones for the rest of your lives.

Do we need both a photographer and videographer for our wedding?

A wedding film isn’t meant to replace photography, but to complement it. While photography captures one selected moment in time, a wedding provides a complete replay of sights, sounds, and emotions. We honestly feel these two services are the most important things to hire on such a priceless day.

What do you require to reserve your services?

A 50% booking deposit is due at the signing of our services contract, a further 25% is due 3 months prior to the wedding date, final 25% payable 1 month prior to the wedding day. A 5% discount is given if payment is made in FULL at the time of booking. Payment in FULL is required if initial booking is made within 60 days of the wedding date and the discount will not apply.

How much do you film and how long will the wedding film be?

While we mention this in the packages, please understand that every couple is different; each wedding takes on a life of its own. We’ve always been thrilled to share and capture what is often the most important day of their lives. We are passionate about delivering a unique finished product that our newlyweds will be proud to share with their family and friends to enjoy for many years.

We will do our professional best to deliver a wedding film that will hold your interest from beginning to end, a keepsake that captures both your day and your attention. Your wedding film, like a really good movie, should be enjoyable to watch, not only the first time, but again and again.

How long will it take to receive our wedding film?

This is one of the most asked questions. Your wedding film becomes priceless the day after your ceremony and we understand your desire to get it as soon as possible. To produce a film, of quality, we make sure to give ourselves a fair amount of time. We will do our very best to deliver before the 12 week mark. We thank you in advance for your understanding of this process.